21 December 2011

up is vel (revisited)

vel = up (Lhaesine pronunciation = VEL) (adverb) (Some things Google found for "vel": a very common term; Vel is the title of a 2007 Tamil action-drama film; a uncommon last name; an unusual first name that can be feminine; Renault Vel Satis (2001-2009) was an executive car; means "a veil" in Albanian and Catalan; means "a skin, hide; a sheet (of paper)" in Dutch; means "well" in Icelandic; means "either, or" in Latin; means "seven" in Volapük; The Vel is the divine spear of the Hindu Deity Murugan; name of several rivers in northwest Russia; name of places in Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Puerto Rico)

My previous word for "up" was "velis". I shortened this word.

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