17 November 2011

the (singular) is se (revisited)

se = the (Lhaesine pronunciation = seh) (definite article singular) (some things Google found for "se": a very common term; .se is the Internet country code for Sweden; "per se" is a Latin phrase meaning "in itself"; SE is the compass point midway between south and east; Se is the symbol for chemical element Selenium; a last name; means all reflexive pronouns in Czech and Serbo-Croatian; means "see" in Danish; means "if" in Esperanto; means pronoun "it" in Finnish; means third-person reflexive and reciprocal pronouns in French, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish and Interlingua; means "neither" in Hungarian; means "if; whether; if only" in Italian; means "the; that, those; he, it, that" in Old English; means "to see" in Swedish; Sé is the name of a town in Hungary; Sè is the name of a places in Benin)

My previous Lhaesine word for "the" was "sa". I redefined "sa" as word for "the (plural)".

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