17 May 2011

for is ris

ris = for (Lhaesine pronunciation = RIHS or RISS) (preposition) (Some things Google found for "ris": a very common term; a last name; RISMedia in Real Estate Information Systems; RIS is an upscale cafe in Washington DC; RIS is an acronym for Remote Installation Services; RIS is an acronym for Radio Information Service which is a reading service for people who are visually impaired; RIS is an acronym for Radiology Information System; means "rice" in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish; means "reef, sweetbread" in French; means "attic or garret" in Icelandic; means "lynx" in Croatian and Slovene; means "pattern, motif" in Tibetan transliterated)); name of cities in Norway, France, Denmark, Somalia and Sweden)

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