09 April 2010

yellow is acode (revisited)

acode = yellow (Lhaesine pronunciation = AH-COHD) (adjective) (some things Google found for "acode": a very common term; ACODE is an acronym for Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment of Uganda; ACODE is an acronym for the Australasian Council on Open, Distance and E-Learning; an unusual last name; Acode is a Brazilian genre song title by Sergio Mendes; user names; Acode Active is a clothing company; a conjugation of the Portuguese verb "acudir" which means "to go to aid, to attend to")

My previous Lhaesine word for "yellow" was "jonde". I made my word for "eleven" to be "jond", which was too similar to that word. Besides I thought "jonde" too closely resembled the French word for "yellow" which is "jaune".

This word has been redone. The Lhaesine word for "yellow" is now "pethas". This posting is no longer current.

This word has been redefined and reused. In Lhaesine "acode" now means "pocket".

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