01 May 2009

eleven is jaem (redone)

jaem = eleven (Lhaesine pronunciation = JAAWM) (adjective) (number) (some things Google found for "jaem": an uncommon term; user names; a last name; an unusual first name; JAEM is an acronym for Spain's Jornadas sobre Algoritmos Evolutivos y Metaheurísticas (Days on Evolutionary Algorithms and Metaheuristics); name of a minor Warder character in The Wheel of Time books; means "we lie, we recline" in Catalan; Mae Jaem river and valley in Thailand)

My previous word for "eleven" was "maigur". I've decided revise my numbers above ten so that they look unique, instead of making the word for eleven similar to the word one.

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "eleven" is now "jond". This posting is no longer current.

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