09 November 2008

fresh is haila

haila = fresh (Lhaesine pronunciation = HAY-luh) (adjective) (some things Google found for "haila": an uncommon term; a feminine first name, notably Cuban singer Haila Maria Mompié and actress and producer Haila Stoddard; Haila Haila is a Bollywood Hindi song; a last name that can be Finnish; Haila Engineering Group of Iowa offers architectural and structured engineering; Haila is a song title by Polish doom metal group Cemetery of Scream; places in Syria, China, Pakistan, and Sierra Leone)

I originally looked up the information on this word for Miresua, my Basque/Finnish conlang. I decided not to use "haila" at the last minute, for reasons I won't go into here. Not all words from Miresua can be used in Lhaesine. Lhaesine and Miresua are quite different languages.

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Novlangue said...

Cemetery of scream? Hiraen name!