17 May 2008

garden is merigen (revisited)

merigen = garden (Lhaesine pronunciation = meh-RIH-gehn) (noun) (some things Google found for "merigen": an uncommon to rare term; Merigen Medical of Fargo, North Dakota; user names; a last name; an unusual first name; Merigen OÜ is an Estonian importer of stockings, socks, and underwear; MeriGen Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Italy; a form of the Old English word for "morning")

My previous word for "garden" was "merign". I've decided not to use the "gn" consonant combination in Lhaesine. Besides, this word was the only word that was using it.

This is a amother tweak of an existing Lhaesine word. I know I've been "revisiting" words for a while here, but I'm trying to get rid of some inconsistancies. If you want to see new words, I'm actively defining more new words on my other conlang, Miresua. Miresua is not related to Lhaesine.

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