27 December 2007

wood is helar (revisited)

helar = wood (Lhaesine pronunciation = HEH-lahr) (noun, adjective) (material) (some things Google found for "helar": an uncommon term; verb meaning "to freeze" in Spanish; Helar Ltd Scandinavian furniture of the UK; a last name which can be English and Belgian; user names and gaming character names; Helar Marketing And Consultant Pvt Ltd of India is in the rubber industry; HELAR s.r.o. of Czech Republic produces motorcycle and bicycle helmets; a place in Iran)

My previous Lhaesine word for "wood" was "halh", which was an atypical word that even I wanted to mispronounce. I'm modifying this word because I'd like common words in this conlang to be (or at least look) pronounceable.

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