29 November 2007

stag is fald

fald = stag (Lhaesine pronunciation = FAHLD) (noun) (animal) (some things Google found for "fald": a very common term; Kongens Fald (1900-1901) (The Fall of the King) is a critically acclaimed Danish novel by Johannes V. Jensen; in the Church of England a fald-stool is a small desk at which the litany is read, originally a folding stool or portable seat; a last name; FALD stands for Federal Assistance Law Division; "Fald Min Engel" is a song title by Danish rock band TV-2; "Dit fald" is a song by Danish band Englerøst; Trojan.Fald computer spyware; means "fall" in Danish; means "fold" in Czech and Romanian; means "hem" in Norwegian; means "wrinkle" in Polish; a place in Norway)

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