05 October 2007

lord is mor

mor = lord (Lhaesine pronunciation = MOR) (noun) (some things Google found for "mor": a very common term; Mor Furniture For Less in Western USA; MOR stands for Middle of the road; Mor Cosmetics Pty Ltd of Australia; a first name that can be masculine or feminine; Torii Mor winery in Oregon; Eilean Mòr, Fonn Mór, and MacTalla Mór are Celtic bands; Glann ar Mor Distillery in Brittany; Oran Mor Pipe Band; a last name that can be Dutch; Dough Mor Lodge Guest House and Carraig Mor are Bed and Breakfast accomodations in Ireland; Aonach Mor is a mountain in Scotland; "Eat Mor Chikin" is a Chick-Fil-A marketing slogan; means "sea" in Breton, Cornish, and Welsh; means "plague" in Czech and Slovak; means "mother" in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish; means "turbidity" in Icelandic; means "signature" in Kurdish (Transliterated); means "major" in Portuguese; means "purple, violet" in Turkish; places in Spain, Russian Federation, Pakistan, India, and Hungary)

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