19 September 2007

token is jix

jix = token (Lhaesine pronunciation = JIHKS) (noun) (some things Google found for "jix": an uncommon term; Jix Hobbies shop of South Africa; JiX is a Java jigsaw puzzle shareware game; In the Star Wars universe Wrenga Jixton better known as Jix was a male Imperial agent working directly for Darth Vader; JiX Konnection is a hip-hop artist; user names; Backdoor.Win32.Jix.a is a Trojan computer virus; JIX motorcycle helmet made in China; JIX technologies is a website design company; Jix is a female character name in time-travel romance book Highland Dream)

By the way, in Lhaesine the "tokens" would be "jixur".

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