13 May 2007

name is oras

oras = name (Lhaesine pronunciation = OHR-ahs) (noun) (some things Google found for "oras": a very common term; Oras is a Finnish company that sells faucets and shower fixtures; 24 Oras (Twenty-four hours) is a primetime news broadcast in the Philippines; ORAS MO NA! (Your Time Is Up!) is a 1984 crime/noir comic from the Philippines; Oras designer wall mobiles; ORAS stands for Oil Region Astronomical Society of Northwest Pennsylvania; a masculine first name that can be Finnish; a last name that can be Estonian; ORAS stands for Optical Radar System; means "sprout, shoot" in Finnish; means "air" in Lithuanian; means "city" in Romanian; means "hour, time" in Tagalog; "órás" means horologist, someone who makes or repairs watches, in Hungarian; name of places in the Philippines and Sweden)

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