31 October 2006

smoke is buhar

buhar = smoke (Lhaesine pronunciation = buh-HAR) (noun) (some things Google found for "buhar"; an uncommon term; Buhar Library (collection) in the National Library of India; means "steam" in Turkish; a last name which can be from Sri Lanka; user names; Buhar is short for Buharian which refers to those from Bukhara in Uzbekistan; Buhar community in Nigeria; places in Pakistan)

29 October 2006

enchanted is fexir (revisited)

fexir = enchanted (Lhaesine pronunciation = FEKS-ir) (adjective) (some things Google found for "fexir": an uncommon to rare term; user names; a name that is perhaps Kurdish; World of Warcraft game character; appears on some forums from Azerbaijan; place in piece of Nintendo Metroid fan fiction)

My previous word for "enchanted" was "fexry".

27 October 2006

pack is diisan

diisan = pack (Lhaesine pronunciation = DYE-sahn) (noun) (some things Google found for "diisan"; a rare term; name from book of Genesis in Finnish Bible; means something in Somali; user name)

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "pack" is now "dieran". This posting is no longer current.

25 October 2006

pearl is lhenda

lhenda = pearl (Lhaesine pronunciation = LHEHND-uh) (noun) (some things Google found for "lhenda": a rare term; possibly a first name; apparently means something in Brazilian Portuguese, but I can't translate it, hopefully it's not something rude; means "patch" in Sherpa)

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "pearl" is now "lhelha". This posting is no longer current.

23 October 2006

heart is rian

rian = heart (Lhaesine pronunciation = RYAWN) (noun) (some things Google found for "rian": a common term; rian.ru is the website for Russian News & Information Agency Novosti; a masculine first name, notably filmmaker Rian Johnson and British graphic designer Rian Hughes and NFL kicker Rian Lindell; user names; last names; RIAN Counselling Service for adults in Ireland; means "arrangement, mode, order" in Gaelic and Scottish; means "lady, queen" in Sindarin; means "learn, study" in Thai (Transliterated); places in Sweden, Pakistan, and India)

21 October 2006

evil is csael (redone)

csael = evil (KSAWL) (adjective) (some things Google found for "csael": a rare term; user names; part of UPC code for several fire safes; appears on numerous gobbledygook pages)

An alternate spelling for this word is "xael", but I think "csael" is somewhat less confounding.

My choice of "csael" for the Lhaesine word meaning evil is not intended to be a comment on anyone else using the term "csael". Languages need words for bad things such as evil.

19 October 2006

tooth is raeg

raeg = tooth (RAWG) (noun) (some things Google found for "raeg"; an uncommon term; a last name which may be Norwegian, notably porn actor Peter Raeg; RAEG is an East Asian Symposium which stands for Recent Advances in Exploration Geophysics; user names; R.A.E.G. stands for Annual remuneration effective guarantee for metallurgy work in France; means "crooked, bent, wrong" in Sindarin; an Indian first name that is also spelled RÆg)

17 October 2006

I is ar

ar = I (are) (pronoun) (personal subject pronoun) (some things Google found for "ar"; a very common term; AR is the code for the state of Arkansas; AR is the ISO country code for Argentina; Ar is the chemical symbol for the element Argon; AR stands for Accelerated Reader; AR-11 is a US Citizenship and Immigration Change of Address form; AR stands for Augmented Reality; "Ar Rutbah" is a city in Iraq; means "gold" in Albanian and Hawaiian; means "the" in Breton; means "sledge, sleigh" in Dutch; means "on, at" in Irish;, means "our" in Manx; means "air" in Portuguese; means "it would" in Romanian; means "are" in Serbo-Croatian and Swedish and Turkish; means "revenge" in Turkmen; means "upon, at" in Welsh; place in Sweden)

15 October 2006

memory is eludar

eludar = memory (Lhaesine pronunciation = EH-luh-dar) (noun) (some things Google found for "eludar"; a rare term; character names in various fantasy computer games; user names; forms of Latin verb meaning "to make game of, mock, cheat, deceive"; means "elude" in Ido which is an improved version of the constructed language Esperanto; a feminine first name from 1880 North Caolina census)

13 October 2006

straight is rapaca

rapaca = straight (RAH-pah-cuh) (adjective, adverb) (some things Google found for "rapaca": uncommon to rare term; RAPACA stands for Radicales Para el Cambio, a Radical Civic Union in Argentina; Río Rapaca in Venezuela; last names; user names; "rapaça" means something in Galician; Rapaca may be a Slovak name)

11 October 2006

hawk is jathe

jathe = hawk (JAYTH) (noun) (bird) (some things Google found for "jathe"; an uncommon term; Jathé of the Netherlands makes sun protection screens for trailers; a last name that can be German or possibly Sikh; Computer Service Center Jathe in Germany; members of Jathe Bhinderan in Punjab)

09 October 2006

other is saiyar

saiyar = other (Lhaesine pronunciation = SAY-yar) (adjective) (some things Google found for "saiyar": an uncommon term; a last name which can be Finnish or Islamic; CD from India "Saiyar Sang Raas Ramiye"; a first name; place El-Saiyar in Egypt; user names; name of a Tatar Russian professional theatre company in 1910; name of an audio CD by Akwara)

07 October 2006

wheat is brene

brene = wheat (BREEN) (noun) (some things Google found for "brene": an uncommon term; a masculine first name, notably singer/songwriter Brene Wilson; a feminine first name, sometimes spelled "Brené"; a last name that can be Swedish, Danish, Cuban, or Yugoslavian; user name; places Brene Papel and Brene Mancanha in Guinea-Bissau in Africa; Brene Ranch in Alberta, Canada; Brene Hotel in Blackpool in UK; places in Haiti and Sweden)

05 October 2006

rug is wisa (revisited)

wisa = rug (Lhaesine pronunciation = WIH-suh) (noun) (some things Google found for "wisa": an uncommon to common term; WISA Wood Products of Finland; WISA stands for Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association of the UK; WISA stands for the Water Institute of Southern Africa; WISA stands for West Indian Softball Association; WISA is Wine Industry Suppliers Australia; WISA is a homebuilder in Canada; WiSA stands for Wisconsin Safety Analyzer at University of Wisconsin, Madison; WISA stands for Workshop on Information Security Applications in Korea; WiSA (Wireless Sensor and Actuator) project at University of Vaasa, Finland; WISA is Women's Intercollegiate Squash Association; WISA sprayballs in industrial hygiene; WISA sanitary ware in Europe; WISA (pronounced "we-sah") is the Women's Island Soccer Association of Oahu, Hawaii; WiSA (pronounced "Wiser") Irrigation Solutions of Australia; W.I.S.A. is the Washington Ice Skating Association; acronym WISA refers to the Web Development Stack of Windows; a last name; user names; WISA is West Indian Student Association at University of Toronto; means "belly, twin" in Quechua, a widely spoken Native American language of South America; a place in Pakistan)

03 October 2006

by is ife (revisited)

ife = by (indicating cause, agency, means, or in accordance with) (Lhaesine pronunciation = EYEF) (some things Google found for "ife": a very common term; IFE is Institution of Fire Engineers; IFE is Instituto Federal Electoral of Mexico; Ife (EE-feh) is a place in southwestern Nigeria with origins that can be traced back to 350 B.C.; IFE is Inertial fusion energy; IFE is Internships in Francophone Europe in France; IFE is Institute of Freshwater Ecology in UK; IFE is Institute for Energy Technology in Norway; a last name; IFE AG is a supplier of automatic door systems for railway vehicles; means "yew" (type of tree or shrub) in German)

My previous word for "by" was "ive". Since I eliminated use of the letter "v" in Lhaesine, this word needed to be modified. This is a minor change in pronunciation.

I'm reusing the word "ife", which was previously the word for "fire".

01 October 2006

dove is cahame

cahame = dove (KAH-haym) (noun) (bird) (some things Google found for "cahame": a rare term; a last name that can be British; Cahame B.V. is perhaps a company of some sort; maybe means something in Brazil and Chile; could mean something in Slovak)