11 August 2006

spirit is lerag

lerag = spirit (Lhaesine pronunciation = LEH-rahg) (noun) (some things Google found for "lerag": an uncommon to rare term; a last name that seems to be German or Filipino; Lerag Engineering AG of Switzerland; LERAG Josef Obpacher GmbH & Co. KG of Germany; user names; LERAG stands for Laboratorul pentru Etalonarea si Rodarea Aparaturii de Geodinamica of Romania; Lerag Ling Tibetan Buddhist centre in Roqueredonde in southwest France; Lerag is a LEGO creation that is an elite canine fighter)


cf said...

Lerags is the name of a place near Oban in Scotland, on the ancient pilgrimage route to Iona. There is a pre-Reformation cross there where people used to kneel on their way, and a very atmospheric ruined church with old gravestones. So the meaning "spirits" is quite appropriate. It's pronounced the same way as your word.

Mariska said...

That's very interesting. Thanks for sharing that information.